There are many surgeons out there in society practicing with variety of different types of surgeries where they are not licensed or certified to conduct those procedures leaving the patient and community in serious danger. If you are thinking about going through a cosmetic surgery procedure make sure your surgeon is licensed and certified so you don’t run into any complications down the road from your surgery. Every surgeon should be certified through the American Board Of Plastic Surgery in their specific area of expertise. No surgeon out there will hesitate to show you their certification and if you stumble into one I would be hesitant to work with them because clearly there is an issue regarding their certification.

What are the risks to working with an uncertified plastic surgeon?


Your physical safety is at the top of the list. If you work with an uncertified plastic surgeon you run the risk of receiving serious bodily harm if a procedure is conducted incorrectly. You just don’t know what the extent of training an uncertified surgeon has gone through and the last place you want to find out is right after a procedure. Take the time t find the right certified plastic surgeon that is specialized in what you are seeking out and never chose and uncertified plastic surgeon to save a little bit of money.

Botched Surgery

You also run the risk of receiving a botched surgery which has irreversible damage leaving you disfigured for life. A certified plastic surgeon goes through very specific studying and training for many years to understand exactly how to perform a specialized cosmetic procedure where an uncertified surgeon is a real life gamble. You might find that everything goes smoothly as planned but you might also realize that things do not look like they should and this usually occurs when it is too late and procedure has already been completed.

Always use a certified plastic surgeon that is an expert in their niche or field of study. Everybody cannot be good at everything so make sure you find a plastic surgeon that is skilled and highly regarded in their area of practice so your safety is never jeopardized and your plastic surgery comes out looking fantastic.