Have you made any new year resolutions? Common ones are to get in better shape, eat better, get organized, or find a soulmate (or be better to yours).

Studies have shown that many times resolutions don’t stick. That is, people abandon them. This is because changing behavior is difficult. It requires commitment, and persistence. But, what it really requires, is desire. It’s easy to say you want to get in shape, but actually hard to do it. You have to make the hard choices each day with regard to skipping the sweets and making the right decisions. It’s a thousand small moves not one big one.

My resolution is to continue to work hard to make TSC the greatest plastic surgery practice in the world

What’s your resolution? Are you serious about it? How are you going to get there? It all starts with a plan and a decision. We help people who have decided to be the people they want to be. All of us should be able to reach our goals with the proper help.