More and more professionals are insuring the tools they require to complete the task at hand to be able to not only provide for themselves but also their families. Celebrities that rely on their breasts, their hair and even the their hands are purchasing insurance policies to protect their assets that they rely on every single day to grow their careers.

Recently Vitals MSNBC did a story relating this issue and featured Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel in the conversation.

Colella says he doesn’t pay more than anything the average surgeon can’t afford, but Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a facial plastic surgeon in Boston, says he’s insured for more than he cares to share publicly.

A world-renowned surgeon who says he is the last resort for people who can’t find what they want with other plastic surgeons, says he has insured his hands “for considerably more than $8 million,” enough to cover him every year for the rest of his life.

“There are a lot of different ways my hands can be injured,” says Spiegel. “I do very advanced facial surgery, micro surgery, and if my hands were injured, I possibly may not be able to do what I do now.”

Spiegel says he’s not interested in doing anything “slightly less” than what he does now although he knows he could practice as a pediatrician or a psychiatrist with more training.

“I wanted to insure that I can practice at the high level that I do,” he says, “and I had to get a special policy to do that.”