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Summer is only a six months away and the damage of dry winter skin can cause serious problems during your summer plans. So can holiday-induced blemishes. To avoid covering up your body during the hottest months of the year, create that dewy glow now for your skin with these easy skin care tips. Skip the worry and give your skin what it needs to remain youthful. Use the entire regime for the softest, most supple skin to show off this summer.

Clean and Tone Your Skin

Keep your skin clean to prevent outbreaks and other unwanted issues. Some good skin care tips to remember when cleaning include using a cleanser twice a day and utilizing your hands for this step. If you must use a washcloth, make sure it is a clean one each time you wash your face. Select a cleanser based on your skin type, opting for gentle, fragrance-free formulas to help protect your skin. After washing, tone your skin with a refreshing solution, dabbing it over your face and neck with a cotton ball for maximum effect and gentleness.

Keep it Moisturized

Dry skin is a common winter complaint, but it can often be avoided by using moisturizer regularly. Good skin tips for skin moisturizing include selecting a formula that is strong enough to make a difference and using a nightly face cream after your bedtime washing routine. A daily dry skin moisturizer is ideal for quick application during daytime beauty regimes, while a more powerful serum or cream can be applied at night. Even if you use a regular moisturizer, you can switch to a stronger formula during winter to combat dull skin.

Scrub Regularly

You may already know how important exfoliation is for a healthy glow, but it is also important to keep skin scrubbing down to a maximum of twice per week to keep skin safe and soft. This method of scrubbing the skin involves using a rough substance to shed dead skin cells, revealing new, fresh skin underneath. Use an over-the-counter product designed for your skin type or make your own exfoliation solution at home, such as a mixture of oats and honey. Skin brushes can be used on much of the body, but stick to your hands for treating sensitive areas, like your face and neck.

Treat Individual Issues

Depending on your skin type, you may have different issues requiring regular treatment. These should not be avoided during the winter months. Acne treatments, wrinkle solutions and any other routine used to help keep your skin type manageable need to be followed in addition to the steps above to ensure the brightest, most beautiful skin possible during the summer months. Even if you employ skin care tips like applying sunscreen in the summer months, they still need to be incorporated during the winter and spring as well.

Following these easy skin care tips can help yield lovely summer skin you can be proud of while you are out swimming or jogging in shorts and tank tops. Troubled or damaged skin from exposure or other conditions, however, may require the help of a dermatologist. Consult with a physician before making any changes to a doctor-advised skin care regime.

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