We all know that sitting and staring at a computer screen all day long can do a great deal of damage on your eyes if proper precautions are not taken but have you ever thought about what it could do to your skin? The Times Of India recently wrote an article on the repercussions that sitting in front of a computer screen can have on a persons face over time. Things like excessivley saggy skin around the face including something called “turkey neck” where the skin on the front of the neck starts to hang.

“The key points are that people often furrow their brows creating wrinkles and lines that will persist in time, as they work. IF you look in the mirror while working you’ll see this, though it can be hard to stop. doing it. This also creates headaches and tension which in turn create a bad mood. Sometimes we advise people to look in the mirror while they speak on the phone as they tend to be more pleasant when they watch their own faces, try to smile, and try to avoid angry or concentrating expressions.

Botox if done correctly, can prevent that cycle and will improve your mood as well as prevent lines.”

– Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

Some helpful tips to help alleviate this problem are:

Take Breaks

Try and schedule some regular breaks from the computer monitor throughout the day. Whether you are catching up on paperwork or something else breaking up your sitting time in front of the computer screen will help your face from acquiring any of the symptoms that could occur from sitting in one position all day.

Adjust Positions

Try adjusting the position of your neck and face and how you look at the computer screen. Pick a few different angles on how you look at the screen. It is all about keeping the muscles moving and changing and not sitting in an idle state for too long. If you keep the muscles as active as you can you will be much better off.

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