With winter right around the corner your psoriasis does not have to flame up and bother you during the cold dry weather. There are certain things a person can be doing right from home to help treat your psoriasis during the cold winter months that are almost here.

Here are a few psoriasis treatments:

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize

Keeping your skin moist at all times is very important. Once the irritated areas start to get dry the itching will only intensify. Try keeping a moisturizer with you at all times in order to prevent any unwanted dryness that could creep up.

Watch what you wear

I know wool can be one of those things that is nice to wear when the weather gets really cold but you will want to make sure you keep some distance between the wool and your skin to keep irritation levels at a minimum.

Keep your stress down

High levels of stress have been known to provoke psoriasis outbreaks. Try to relax and stay away from high stress activities. When you get stressed out your bodies immune system weakens causing the body to weaken it’s ability to block outbreaks naturally.

Hide from the sun

This doesn’t mean that you have to sit in your home forever, just cover up your skin a bit. Too much sun in psoriasis prone areas can increase breakouts.