Wrinkles are usually the enemy of almost all adults. While they can be caused by sun exposure, they can also be caused by not taking care of the skin and allowing it to dry out and become exposed to cold temperatures during the winter months. Because wrinkle treatments such as Botox are usually required in order to eliminate them once they have appeared, it is far better to prevent them from appearing in the first place (if possible).

Since we are located in Boston, MA we are providing you some tips to prepare your skin for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Wrinkle Fighting Tips

One of the easiest and best wrinkle fighting tips is to ensure that you drink plenty of water. That is because keeping the skin hydrated works far better than any other winter wrinkle treatments. Water is an absolutely essential component for our skin because it not only keeps it hydrated, but it also helps to flush toxins from the body that can also cause wrinkles. Instead of resorting to traditional wrinkle treatments during winter, men and women should increase their intake of Vitamin E, because this will also help the body to fight against the free radicals which play a large part in causing wrinkles.

Give Yourself Regular Facial Massages

Winter wrinkle treatments can also take place in the form of facial massages. By applying a little olive or almond oil to the skin and gently massaging it into the face and neck areas, it will also ensure that the skin is protected against the harsh winter temperatures while also keeping it moisturized. Avoiding smoking is also one of the best ways to avoid wrinkles because of the fact that the chemicals found in cigarettes are known to cause premature ageing of the skin. Although it can be difficult in winter, it is also important to get enough exercise, as this stimulates blood flow to the face and neck areas which also helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Use Facial Mask Treatments and Indoor Humidifiers

Among the best wrinkle treatments for Boston residents are regular facial masks. This involves removing the outer layer of skin in order to rejuvenate it. It helps to stimulate the flow of blood through to the face and results in the production of fresh collagen which helps prevent wrinkles. Another alternative is to use indoor humidifiers to counter the effects of the dry air as a result of using heating during the cold winter months. Although the sun may not seem hot during winter, it is still important to use a facial cream which has built-in UV protection because it is still possible to suffer the effects of UV damage during winter.

By using these wrinkle treatments during winter, you will be able to prevent them from forming prematurely and you will save money in the long run by avoiding the use of costly wrinkle treatments. It is always important to consult with a dermatologist or skin specialist before using any new forms of wrinkle treatment, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin or skin allergies of any type.