You Light Up My Life

As any painter, sculptor, architect, or photographer will tell you a lot of beauty has to do with the play of light.

It’s the same for our faces. Having full cheeks and high eyebrows accentuates light from the eyes. Having a beautiful smile and a short upper lip accentuates light from the mouth. The best contemporary cosmetic techniques involve “contouring” to simulate the way light would reflect from a beautiful face.

One of the best ways to present a beautiful face is by having bright skin. Dull, blotchy, and pigmented skin interferes with the way light reflects off the face. Smooth, uniform, moisturized skin appears lush and healthy and is seen as bright and beautiful for all underlying skin colors.

But, how do you get (or keep) such bright skin? One of the best ways is with light. IPL (intense pulsed light) is a technique where we expose your face to extremely bright flashes of light. The skin responds by becoming brighter and more uniform. It’s even healthier afterwards. Studies have shown that people who did IPL one time a year for seven years had skin that looked ten years younger than people who didn’t do it. It’s like a time machine backwards to healthy beautiful skin.

IPL is just one way that TSC can help you live your best and most beautiful life. It’s quick, comfortable, and easy. What are you waiting for?​