Anti aging drinks are beverages that contain anti aging products that act to prevent signs of aging from the inside out. Common anti aging drinks can act to prevent things such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and inflammation. The following is an overview of a few healthy drinks that have anti aging ingredients and are perfect for hot summer months.


Tea, specifically green tea, is known by many experts to have active ingredients that can prevent inflammation that can lead to diabetes, stress inflammation, heart disease, and other health problems. Green tea is said to have antioxidants that directly work against the type of inflammation that can be a leading cause to diseases such as these. Furthermore, researchers have found after surveys that individuals that consume green tea on a regular basis have been known to reduce unhealthy oxidative stress levels.

Coffee and Cocoa

While coffee drinkers should use moderation, some studies say that having a cup of coffee in the morning with breakfast can help prevent certain skin cancers and even boost metabolism if the coffee is black. During the summertime, coffee drinkers may want to pour their coffee over ice for added coolness and refreshment. For something a little sweeter, consumers may want to try adding some cocoa to smoothies and other beverages. Cocoa, a key ingredient found in chocolate, contains a healthy product called flavanols that is said to help prevent cardiovascular diseases such as kidney disease, high blood pressure and even dementia.

Orange and Grapefruit Juice

Many resources state that certain juices such as beet juice, orange juice and pink grapefruit juice are healthy, anti aging drinks for many reasons. Specifically, orange juice is a great anti aging drink with anti aging products that can help prevent eye problems for individuals as they age. It is said that the Vitamin C and other antioxidants in orange juice is responsible for supporting such eye health. Another juice that is high in antioxidants and is said to promote healthy skin is found in pink grapefruit juice. Pink grapefruit juice is known to carry a substance called lycopene that is said to cause smoother, healthier skin.

Water, Water, Water

Most people agree that water is good for health. However, many expert sources say that water promotes a lot more than hydration. Sources state that by drinking enough water daily, individuals can promote weight loss, increase energy levels and even possibly prevent certain fatal events such as a heart attack. Most resources say that individuals should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Aside from preventing risk of heart attack and other complications, research states that drinking a sufficient amount of water can promote better cell function and more productive brain activity.


Research shows that regular milk intake can promote bone health and promote stronger muscles in the body. In fact, many sources say that both soy milk and regular milk have ingredients that can help support overall health. Specifically, soy milk is said to have anti aging products that can help ensure wrinkle reduction as individual’s age and can promote collagen that works to firm the skin. Regular milk is known by many to have ingredients that promote healthy muscle mass and strength.

As hotter months approach and healthy beverages are needed for hydration and overall health, these anti aging drinks are great to keep on hand. Furthermore, these ingredients can be added to almost any recipe for added convenience. By adding a few of these beverages to a daily diet, individuals can be sure to stay healthy and happy during a fun filled summer.

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