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If you have done any IPL with us, microneedling or microneedling with radio-frequency, Morpheus8, then you know you just accomplished 70% of your results. Now to get that straight A, you got to do a little bit of homework at home with some of our products recommended by skincare physicians.

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Now once you have some of these great products at home, you will want to dab some on the back of your hand, right behind your knuckle. Touch the back of your hands together and spread it right below your eyes. Once you are done, and you still have some left, wipe it on the back of your hand. You gotta keep those hands looking beautiful!

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Source: Real Self From the moment I first called their office with questions regarding cosmetic procedures, to the moment I left their office after my first initial consult and treatment. I was treated respectfully and so kindly and well informed by all the staff. They are very professional and so knowledgeable. Doctor Onir Spiegel explained my treatment plan in detail and was so sweet, she had a wonderful bedside manner but also seemed to have a great deal of knowledge and experience in her field. She was gentle and so compassionate to me as this was my first cosmetic procedure and I was very nervous. I am so happy I decided to choose the Spiegel Center and will be using this practice for all my cosmetic needs. Thank you


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