Most people in today’s market place are always hunting for a good deal in regards to almost any purchase they make, this includes cosmetic surgery. Overseas cosmetic surgery can often times be cheaper but the risk from complication could set you back in many other ways and much further than if you just paid a bit more utilizing a respected board certified plastic surgeon. What happens when you have problems with your surgery because the doctor was unlicensed or not board certified?

“According to the Malay Mail, 30-year-old Tham Mei Leng underwent a dual procedure based on the urging of her then-boyfriend, who wanted her to be thinner and have larger breasts.

She visited an unlicensed cosmetic surgery center in Kuala Lumpur to have liposuction on her abdomen, and then have the fat injected into her breasts.

In addition to undergoing the procedure without the use of pain medication, Leng developed a severe infection in her breasts as well as unsightly scarring.”

“It was very painful and I could not help crying during the surgery. The infection also causes constant pain and itchiness,” she told the news provider.”

In certain foreign countries the typical rules and regulations that keep patients safe here in the United States simply do not exist. When things turn out to be sour from going overseas a patient generally does not have much leverage for complaints or  revisions.