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The forehead might be a person’s most noticeable feature after their nose and eyes, and for some, an oversized forehead can make them feel dissatisfied with the way they look. Patients worried about a receding hairline may also pursue a hairline advancement to combat hair loss. The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, has performed countless hairline advancement procedures and is a top destination in both the US and the world for patients seeking the procedure.  

What Is Hairline Advancement?

In general terms, hairline advancement or scalp advancement minimizes the space between the natural hairline and the eyebrows. This procedure involves surgically lifting the scalp with yoru current hair and bringing it forward. In some cases, a brow lift is suggested alongside a hairline advancement if the size of the forehead is still considerable.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Scalp advancement takes approximately one hour and is performed under general anesthesia. Our surgeons make a very carefully placed incision along the front of the patient's natural hairline. Then, by releasing the tissue under the scalp, the hair can be brought forward to make the forehead look smaller. This can reduce the forehead by 0.5 to up to 2 inches, depending upon patient anatomy. 

Scarring is a concern for some patients, but hair typically camouflages the scar well. Our surgeons can also create an incision that sits just behind the hairline, so hair grows through and in front of the incision once healed in what’s called a trichophytic incision. In certain cases, hair grafting might be an additional way to hide scarring.

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The Healing Process Explained

Most patients experience an easy recovery after a hairline advancement. When any surgery takes place, swelling and bruising will occur; with hairline surgery, this abates in about 1-2 weeks. The top of the head will likely feel numb for a while, but as healing progresses, feeling will return to normal. 

Patients should allow about a week or two to rest so their bodies can recover properly. Each patient receives a customized recovery plan and is scheduled for follow-up visits so our team can monitor healing. 

A Balanced And More Attractive Face

A patient's goal with hairline advancement will determine their results. For patients who seek a more feminine appearance, their new hairline will accomplish just that by shortening the distance between the brow and the hairline and softening their face.

For others who wish to combat hair loss, their results will give them an attractive and revitalized look; they can also expect to look younger. Within about three to six months, the hair in front of the scar will typically grow through for results that look completely natural.

Is Hairline Advancement Right For Me?

Shifting the hairline can benefit people of all genders, as specific modifications can be made to match a patient’s aesthetic preferences. For those who wish to feminize their face, the hairline can be contoured into an oval shape to mimic common hair patterns of women. 
For those who want to look masculine, the new hairline can be designed to have an ‘M’ shape, which is common among men. If the elimination of a receding hairline is the goal, a hairline advancement will help. Overall, this procedure has a high rate of patient satisfaction. 

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Why The Spiegel Center?

The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, is a premier destination for hairline advancement, and our team of highly skilled, double-board-certified surgeons has performed this procedure on countless patients over the past two decades. 

Founding physician, Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, has hand-selected every member of our best-in-class team to provide enhanced, refined, and polished results. To schedule a consultation with The Spiegel Center team about hairline advancement, contact our office today.

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