Thanks to developments in the plastic surgery industry over the past few years, business has been better than ever. These days, there is almost no form of reconstructive or enhancement surgery that can be performed. More Asian people than ever are keen to have plastic surgery performed. However, many of them would like to retain at least part of their ethnic identity afterwards, which is why they choose to have Asian Rhinoplasty procedures performed to look a little more west.

Gain the Best of Both Worlds

In years gone by, Asian people who wanted to have plastic surgery or rhinoplasty performed on their noses would have to be willing to accept and adapt to a completely new look. The good news is that, according to an article written by Dr. Clyde H. Ishii, which was published in the open access medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS); this will no longer have to be the case. He wrote in this regard, “Surgeons performing Asian Rhinoplasty must seek to deliver the ideals of this procedure while maintain [sic] the essential features of each ethnic group.”

Why More Asian People now Opt for Plastic Surgery

The significant increase of patients who now seek this procedure can be attributed to a trend, which is reflecting numerous changes in the Asian concept of beauty. Many Asian women who opt for rhinoplasty procedures still want to retain and refine their features instead of completely westernizing them, as was the case in the past. Research has shown that Asian women who opt for plastic surgery usually want their faces to appear smaller and their eyes larger, while opting for a higher nose with more definition. Many Asian plastic surgery candidates are also reluctant to completely express their wishes regarding the look they desire afterwards.

Good Communication is Essential

Language barriers can also present issues of their own when it comes to the patient describing what he or she would like to look, so it is usually recommended that people who require any form of plastic surgery take pictures along to their surgeon in order to clarify the details thereof. It is also crucial for plastic surgeons to be aware of the fact that there are a few differences in the anatomies of the nose when comparing those of Asian people to Caucasians. This is one reason why it is crucial to always use a plastic surgeon that is accredited and experienced. He or she will be fully aware of this and as a result, perform the surgery according to the required standards.

Before selecting a plastic surgeon for any enhancement procedure, it is important to ensure that he or she is registered to perform your desired procedure. This will not only ensure satisfactory results, it will also reduce the possibility of suffering from any unpleasant or dangerous side effects. Patients should always follow their surgeon’s instructions regarding the recovery period, as this will prevent damage to their newly-reconstructed features.

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