While each person seeking an improvement to the nose has a different goal and different reasons for their choice, there are commonalities among people seeking non-surgical rhinoplasty. Non-surgical rhinoplasty, or liquid nose job, is a non-invasive procedure to reshape the nose. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (NSR) is a hot procedure in plastic surgery and we here at The Spiegel Center may just be the #1 center in the US for doing this procedure.

How did this happen? Well, it’s a combination of the right people in the right place. Our doctors are skilled in nasal surgery and injections and have detailed knowledge of nasal anatomy. And, here in the Boston area, we have a lot of people who are professionals and students who care about their appearance, but are busy and need a quick solution.

While rhinoplasty is the number one plastic surgery procedure sought out worldwide to reshape the nose, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a non-invasive (and reversible) answer for improving aesthetics, and the reason why thousands have chosen this path to improve their confidence and appearance.

Here are the top four most common reasons to get a non-surgical rhinoplasty in Boston by the experts at The Spiegel Center.

1) Nose bump

If you are experiencing a bump on the ridge of your nose created by overgrown bone in the area or, if you have a deep concavity at the top of the nose beneath the forehead between your eyes then you may be a perfect candidate for adding filler in the area to mask the bump and straighten your nose. For small bumpy noses, we may only use tiny drops of filler that can be applied through a small needle. The gentle and precise placement of filler will fill in the area creating a beautiful symmetry of your nose from the forehead extending to the ridge of your nose. For larger imperfections and bumpy noses, we may choose to deliver the filler with a cannula, which will further decrease the potential for any bruising, which is the most common, but still rare potential side effect with NSR.

2) Beak-like tip

Some people were born with a beak-like edge on the tip of the nose that may be more pronounced when they smile. The nose seems to point down like a parrot beak, and this can be worse when you smile. To overcome that we add small aliquots of Hyaluronic acid filler through the smallest needles just to the tip of the nose extending upward to the bridge of the nose. The filler will give the nose an attractive shape in an upward and outward direction. Additionally, we may suggest adding filler to the chin to better balance of the nose with the remainder of the face. In this way, we create beautiful facial harmony between the nose and adjacent structures and deemphasize unwanted features.

3) Crooked Nose

Do you have a crooked or twisted nose? A C-shaped curve to the nose? Often this can be readily corrected with a non-surgical rhinoplasty/liquid rhinoplasty. When you have a twist, there are areas of the nose that are relatively thin and hollow. By filling in these areas the contour is smoothed and your nose will appear straight. This is also a great treatment after a prior rhinoplasty if something didn’t heal just right. Two minutes in the office can replace two hours of surgery. But keep in mind that this is one area where adding filler will make the nose appear wider and may be better treated with a surgical rhinoplasty.

4) Flattened or detruded columella

A slightly extended columella can be beautiful and very feminine while a flattened or detruded columella can seem masculine. But is the columella? It’s that small strip of tissue between your nostrils when you look at the bottom of your nose. It looks like a small column, hence the name, columella and it is very important for the balance and beauty of the nose. If this area is flat, too high, or seems within your nose, adding a small amount of filler to that area extending the columella downward can create a beautiful feature on a straight nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty (NSR) can smooth and straighten noses to compliment your face. The only thing a non-surgical rhino cannot accomplish is making the nose smaller or thinner, though, with filler camouflage your nose may appear smaller. Straight noses do look smaller, like a smooth nose without a bump. This is evident when you look at the many before and after pictures we have of non-surgical rhinoplasty. Adding filler to the nose gives the illusion of a smaller nose, but your nose is not actually smaller. Also, liquid rhinoplasty is not likely to help with breathing problems, a stuffy nose, snoring, or sleeping. For these, see us for a surgical rhinoplasty.

The reason The Spiegel Center has become a leader in non-surgical rhinoplasties is due to experience. We have years of experience in rhinoplasty, fillers, and studying facial anatomy and beauty. The Spiegel Center is an unparalleled leader in rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty. You’ve got great options!

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

With special expertise in all aspects of facial plastic surgery, and a particular skill for revision surgery, it’s clear why Dr. Spiegel is one of the most celebrated facial plastic surgeons in the world. If you are seeking the best possible results, or have a uniquely challenging problem, you’ve found the right doctor.

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Dr. Onir L. Spiegel

Dr. Onir L. Spiegel

Dr. Onir (pronounced “oh-near”) has years of experience in facial aesthetics and treats some of the most recognizable and famous faces. Dr. Onir started her career in oral health, earning doctorate degrees from both New York University and Boston University. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her cutting-edge medical research as well as her technical skills in dentistry.

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Dr. Jacob Tower

Dr. Jacob Tower

A board-certified specialist in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Jacob Tower brings a thoughtful approach and an artistic eye to New England’s premier plastic surgery practice, The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts. In addition to being an in-demand surgeon, Dr. Tower is an assistant professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, a sought-after lecturer, and an expert in facial plastic surgery.

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