The reality is that not everyone really needs a rhinoplasty surgery. Some people think they need it when they really don’t and some people really think they don’t need it when in reality they do, some people don’t really think about it either way which is perfectly fine also. There are some ways you can tell whether you really need a rhinoplasty nose surgery you just have to see if you fit into the mold of a typical patient.

During any nose surgery consultation you should always make an effort to point out exactly what you want achieved with your rhinoplasty to make sure the surgeon can execute your wishes properly and effectively so that you are 100% happy with the final product. You don’t want any surprises when you remove the bandages after your nose surgery.

How do I know if I need a rhinoplasty?

Injury: Have you had a previous nose injury that has allowed your nose to grow asymmetrical?

Crooked: For some people their nose just grows crooked and is a bit shifted on the face which could cause problems if you wear glasses making things uncomfortable for you.

Over Flaring Nostrils: Some people fall prey to oversized flaring nostrils which could make the whole nose seem larger.

Bump: A bump in the nasal bridge of the nose causing it to bow upwards from the center.

Too Large: In some cases the nose simply appears too large for the face requiring a little adjustment to make it proportional to the rest of the facial features.

Before entering a consultation surrounding a rhinoplasty procedure try putting together a list of questions on paper you would like answered. If at all possible bring an image of what you would like your nose to look like so everyone can be on the same page right from the very beginning of the procedure. A rhinoplasty is a big step for many people and as a patient you want to be fully prepared for everything prior to your surgery.

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