Lip injections are simple, quick, easy cosmetic procedures that result in fuller lips, and can have a surprisingly drastic change in appearance to the face. Most doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists will be able to properly perform this simple procedure. With relatively few side effects, and long lasting effects, this is a very popular way to improve the appearance of the face and make the lips larger.


Unsurprisingly, in order to achieve fuller lips, filler will be required. A number of fillers are available, though the most common ones are ones that most closely hyaluronic acids. These hyaluronic fillers are modelled after a substance that naturally occurs within the body and is already used by the body to fill out the lips. Collagen is another option that may be used, however it is less commonly used with hyaluronic options available, which last longer and are also safer. Another option is to use a fat injection, however this is less commonly used because of hyaluronic options. Fat injections also require fat to be surgically transferred from another part of the body, which adds an unnecessary layer of surgery.

During the Procedure

Lip injections are commonly performed in one visit to the doctor, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist. The area around the mouth is first numbed, similar to the process used by dentists. This is to relieve the discomfort that can be caused by the next step, where a needle is used to inject filler into the lips. It is a simple process that rarely takes very much time or discomfort. Immediately following, it is unwise to place any pressure on the injection area; this includes applying lipstick or similar products. Even cold cloths or ice shouldn’t be applied with too much pressure.

After the Procedure

After the filler has been injected, the lips will quickly and noticeable be reshaped. With hyaluronic fillers, the doctor will be able to add exactly the amount of additional lip volume desired. If necessary, follow-up appointments may be scheduled to maintain the treatment. If left alone, the filler will last for around six months before the fillers are filtered out and the lips shrink back to their original shape and size. The average side effects will be mild, such as bruising or bleeding from the injection site, as is standard after experiencing a needle-based procedure. More serious side effects are a possibility, and should be looked into immediately, should anything odd start to appear on or around the lips.

Lip injections add a lot to the face, and there are many people who believe that full lips are an attractive quality. It is important, as is the case with all cosmetic procedures, to make sure that a fuller lip actually is what is wanted beforehand, as six months is a lot time for an unsatisfactory procedure to wear off. In many cases however, those who experience this procedure are pleasantly surprised with the result this can have on their facial appearance.

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