Have you tried lip venom, lip plumper lip stick and every other sort of fabulously marketed lip plumper on shelves these days?  Have you even tried getting filler injected into your lips and to your dismay it still didn’t give you the look you want?  Have no fear, Lip Lift’s are here!  What is a Lip Lift you ask?

As we age we lose volume in our lips and we lose definition, as the lips sag, which affects the aesthetics of the smile, by revealing less of the teeth during a relaxed smile.  This can give you a masculine, matured look.  A Lip Lift is an in office procedure that actually shortens the distance from the bottom part of your nose (where you cupids bow attaches to your nostrils) and just above the top part of your lip.

No, this procedure doesn’t actually make your lips plump like Angelina Jolie however it will accentuate your upper lip creating a permanent, attractive look in a simple short in office procedure.  As an added bonus, since lifting and shortening the tissue above your lip, more of your upper lip will show which in turn, will create a “plumper look” naturally.

A lip lift usually will take around 20-30 minutes and is a procedure that is done under local anesthesia.  This means that you do not have to go under general anesthesia which decreases your risks significantly!  You will be perfectly comfortable during your Lip Lift as Dr. Spiegel will gently numb the area being worked on with a numbing agent.  After your procedure you will need to ice the area and use an antibiotic ointment on your incisions.  The first week of your recovery, your stitches will be visible just below your nostrils however, after you have your sutures removed, you will noticeably see your new fabulous result.