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For a number of years, the trend in plastic surgery was toward “going big”. Patients who chose plastic surgery wanted bigger breasts, larger lips and more prominent buttocks; however, that seems to be changing as of late. More people these days are concerned with making subtle changes that improve their appearance and keep people guessing as to whether or not they have actually had a procedure performed.

Natural Looking Results

People these days don’t necessarily want to look artificial – they would rather undergo plastic surgery in order to enhance their current look than to be transformed into someone else. The desire to have more natural looking results has resulted in women choosing smaller breast implants in order to add slight volume without appearing unbalanced. People are also avoiding the “permanent smile” that’s seen quite often after a facelift, and instead opting for laser resurfacing or dermal fillers to reduce fine lines and wrinkles instead.

Greater Acceptance

The fact that cosmetic surgeries these days allow for more natural results has led to them becoming more widely accepted. People who may have hesitated to have cosmetic surgery before out of fear they would look “fake” are now considering it to help subtly reduce signs of aging or firm and tighten problem areas. Plastic surgery is no longer seen as outlandish, but rather something that nearly anyone can benefit from in order to enhance their appearance or reduce signs of aging.

New Developments

Another reason why bigger is not necessarily considered better anymore may also be because new developments in the field of cosmetic surgery have led to new and improved procedures that provide subtle yet dramatic changes in the way a person looks. Photo-rejuvenation, laser peels and microdermabrasion are all procedures that improve the appearance in one way or another, yet do not provide extreme results. People can now choose to undergo one of these procedures rather than electing to have a more invasive procedure that may produce unnatural or overly dramatic results.

Health Concerns

While people are becoming more accepting of cosmetic surgery, there are nonetheless concerns as to how different procedures affect one’s health. A heightened awareness of the possible side effects such as leaking breast implants or extremely swollen lips has led to a good number of patients reconsidering extreme measures. Rather than risk damaging their health, more and more people are now deciding to keep things simple and go with procedures that provide much subtler results. This is actually a good thing, as it ensures that fewer people will come to regret their decision to have plastic surgery in the first place.

As more and more people choose smaller, less conspicuous forms of cosmetic surgery, the trend toward “going big” might soon become a thing of the past. Natural looking results that subtly reduce signs of aging or make moderate corrections to imperfections are now becoming the new norm, meaning people no longer have to strive for unattainable results when considering a procedure.

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