Chin implants or “chinplant” is one of the most sought-after and hottest procedures in plastic surgery, and for good reason. A “Chinplant” is an easy, fast, and effective procedure to get a more defined jaw without the need for a facelift, though, sometimes a person may require both procedures to achieve the best result. The best way to determine if a chin implant is right for you, is to have an in-depth discussion with a qualified facial plastic surgeon. After you set up your consultation, the doctor will listen to your goals and look at your chin, neck, and jawline. Perhaps a chin implant alone is all you need. Or, you may benefit from a chin implant with neck liposuction, energy skin tightening (like FaceTite or Embrace), or a neck lift or facelift. Of course, in many cases a chin implant may be all you need. Again, a consultation with a doctor at The Spiegel Center will help determine what’s the best option for you.

“Chinplant’ is used to accentuate the jawline and chin by gently placing a solid silicone implant underneath the chin muscle along the jaw bone of the chin. This can be done via a small incision under your chin, but, the doctors at The Spiegel Center are skilled at doing this from inside your mouth so there is no visible scarring from the quick procedure. Once the chin implant is in place, excess skin and fat under the chin which causes a “double chin”, which is more accurately known as submental fullness, are redraped, or stretched, forward to give you a more defined jaw, or what’s come to be known as a “snatched jaw”. As mentioned, when needed a little liposuction or skin tightening in the area can further enhance the results. Chin implants also improve the balance of the face in general and can help a large or overly projected nose look better, and more harmonious with the rest of your face.

Chin implant is a procedure that can be done in-office under local anesthesia and has minimal recovery time. That means no need to go to the OR and no long period of recovery. You’ll be numb for just a couple of hours and when your sensation returns, your lower face will already look better and more contoured. Most people will experience a few days of swelling and only mild discomfort following the procedure. The chin implant is made from silicon, which feels natural in the chin area and tapers so you can’t easily tell where it starts and ends – all you’ll see is a naturally beautiful look. You and your doctor will discuss what size and shape are best for you; this is a case where one size does not fit all. Before deciding on a size, the doctors at The Spiegel Center will analyze your face, review your choices and choose with you the best size and shape to get you the best results possible. That’s why it’s essential to go to a doctor that does many of these procedures. As with any other medical procedure, and especially with facial plastic surgery, I always tell patients to do their research and ask how many times the doctor do this or that procedure a week. The Spiegel Center does more chin augmentation procedures than just about anyone in the United States. Unparalleled experience means unparalleled results.

If you are still uncertain about surgery and want to try out what the result could look like, then fillers like hyaluronic acid Revanesse Versa, Restylane, and Juvederm or calcium-based filler Radiesse may be just right for you. Now you’re talking about a procedure that takes only minutes with no downtime whatsoever. It’s a great way to achieve a new improved chin, which can be kept up with additional filters injected about every six months or so. And if you love how it looks and are ready for something more permanent, then a chin implant is a great and easy solution to keep your results forever. You can trust our doctors to guide you with the various choices for chin augmentation including implants, fillers, and genioplasty (sometimes called sliding genioplasty). We can help you make the best choice to meet your goals.

For others, who feel their chin is too large or prominent, Chin contouring is a great option to reshape the jaw. With chin contouring, Dr. Spiegel will contour your actual bone to a desired shape without using an implant. This is typically done in the OR and will require general anesthesia. The results are phenomenal and they last forever with no maintenance. We can reduce the height or width of the bone, improve a drooping chin, and even add or reduce a cleft to the chin.

Depending on your goals, the doctors at The Spiegel Center can customize a perfect “chin plant” or chin contouring procedure for you. Whether it’s a silicone chin implant, filler injections to the chin, or bone contouring, you have all the options and expertise you need for an excellent result. If you’re not happy with your chin area and feel that your submental or neck area appears too heavy, too small, or too large, you have options that are easily accessible and safely performed right here at The Spiegel Center, just outside of Boston.

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