For those of you out there who are privy to the hottest plastic surgery news we’ve found that chin implants or “chinplants” are the newest trend in plastic surgery.  A “chinplant’ is used to accentuate the jawline and chin by gently placing a solid silicone implant underneath the chin muscle.

This is a procedure that can be done under local anesthesia and has minimal recovery time. For our “Dr. Spiegel cheerleaders” out there– Not only does Dr. Spiegel specialize in chin implants, he can also give you similar results without using an implant!  This is called chin contouring.  Chin contouring is when Dr. Spiegel will contour your actual bone to a desired shape without using an implant.  Depending on your goals, Dr. Spiegel can customize a perfect “chinplant” procedure for you.