Neck fat. It doesn’t even sound good. Nobody wants this, and even if you exercise and keep fit you may have a double chin, triple chin, or otherwise overly full neck.

There are many options for getting rid of neck fat. Here are a few in order of increasing effectiveness.

Fat Freezing. Machines like Coolsculpting™ can be used to reduce fat. We have our own advanced fat freezing technology that uses heat to isolate the fat, and then cold to freeze it. The fat doesn’t like the cold and some of it goes away, permanently. You can expect about 20% reduction with each treatment in the treated area. (Not too bad while you just sit and play on your phone for an hour!)

Kybella™. Kybella is like a body safe injectable soap. Soap can be used to get rid of grease, and what, after all, is fat? The medication is injected into the neck in very precise areas and reacts with the fat to destroy it. You’ll see some swelling as your body then cleans the unwanted fats and oils from the damaged fat cells. (Kybella is a carefully prepared medication that is injected in a very specific way. Don’t inject soap on your own!)

Liposuction. It’s a vacuum that safely and specifically removes fat from wherever you wish. The neck fat can be approached through a tiny incision (just a few millimeters long) under the chin. We can do liposuction with just local anesthesia right in the office. The fat goes away forever, and the best performance are on those with good, healthy, elastic skin to snap back into shape.

Necktite / Accutite. This is a great approach for many people. After we give you local anesthesia a needle poke is made under your chin and under your earlobes. Then, a thin probe is passed under the skin. The probe is attached to a powerful computer that puts energy into your body and monitors how much energy to apply. This is like throwing a sweater in the washing machine and then dryer. Fat cells are destroyed, and the skin shrinks to fit the new slimmer neck (just as your sweater would shrink in the dryer). This is a quick, effective, and powerful way to get rid of neck fat. It’s permanent, though of course you keep aging, and we don’t even need any stitches!

Necklift. This is the gold standard. With a neck lift (commonly done as part of a facelift), we directly remove the fat cells from your neck. This includes deep fat, more superficial fat, and anything that is interfering with your best look. Excess skin is removed when necessary and muscles in the neck are tightened to support and keep a long lasting result. This is the most powerful way to treat a full neck, or one with hanging skin and a turkey neck. Stitches are placed and removed after about one week.

Neck fat is unwanted, but like a bad ex-, two day old cake, or your old high school notebooks, it’s easy to get rid of if you have the desire. We can help!

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