Storing your body fat or adipose is now becoming a very popular effort in the cosmetic surgery industry. With more and more patients looking to keep synthetic solutions out of their body and use a more natural approach more cosmetic surgeons are being asked to remove fat and store it for a later date. Often times it makes a sense for cosmetic patients to store some quantity of adipose away in storage bank of some kind.

A recent article at Mid-Day had this to say:

“Cosmetic surgeons are now offering to extract fat or adipose from places where you have excess of it, and store it for the time when gravity works its well-known charm on your breasts or buttocks. The adipose extracted after metabolic surgeries can be pumped back in you to give your assets a lift when they are sagging.”

There has been a boom in the ability to be able store body related parts for future science and use. It doesn’t stop at just storing body fat but umbilical cords and embryos have been popular for sometime. As our science and technology grows in strength scientists, researchers and doctors have been able to find other very important uses for some of these body related parts. The study of DNA and stem cells is a very important area that is creating many opportunities for people in almost any medical related community.