An article published in the Inquisitr mentioned the fact that Botox is being used for an extensive range of treatments these days, including wrinkle prevention, migraine treatments and even urinary incontinence. However, there is an additional use for this treatment – preventing sweating on and around the scalp area in an effort to save a person’s blowout. This is aptly named the Blow-tox treatment.

Reduce Sweating on the Scalp

As seen in the Daily Mail recently as well, more and more women re having Botox injections administered into their scalps in an effort to prevent them from sweating excessively around the hairline. Blow-tox has become an extremely popular form of treatment for women who enjoy going to the gym, jogging or even walking a lot outdoors each day, as it enables their blow out or blow dry treatments to last as long as possible. This not only saves them a lot of time when doing their hair in the mornings; it can also save them money in the long term, because they will not have to schedule weekly trips to the hair salon for blowout treatments.

Making Hair More Manageable

The article in the Daily Mail went on to mention that 44 year old Michelle MacCormack, has spent just over $600 on having Botox injections administered into her scalp area in an effort to help get her wavy and excessively thick hair under control. MacCormack had said that, on days that were overly humid, her hair would become frizzy and completely unmanageable as soon as she set foot out of the house. Out of sheer desperation, she had even resorted to taking her flat iron to work with her each day to straighten her hair and keep it under some form of control. However, since having the injections, she has no longer had to do this.

Prevent Hair Damage

Constantly having to straighten unruly hair is not only a frustrating and time-consuming process; the excessive heat required to do so will damage the hair, resulting in split ends and even more frizzing than before. Many doctors are reporting that they have patients who are requesting Botox injections into their scalps so that they can not only preserve their hair styles, but also to take better overall care of their hair. Numerous women requesting treatments are of post-menopausal age, and as a result, they are sweating more than ever before – even when not exercising.

Potential Risks

Although Blow-tox may sound like a miracle treatment for women who no longer have to wash and style their hair every day, it is important to remember that there are a few risks involved. The use of Botox injections in the scalp has not received FDA approval, which means that only specific patients may be able to have it performed. There is also the risk of the Botox causing the neck muscles to weaken, meaning that patients who have autoimmune disorders should not have this treatment performed.

As with any form of cosmetic surgery, patients should disclose their full medical history to their surgeons beforehand. This will ensure that informed decisions are made and that the best possible form of treatment is administered.

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