With time comes wisdom, perspective, and often, sagging upper arms. I remember that as a young boy I enjoyed playing with the loose skin under my grandmother’s arms. Looking back, I realize what a good sport she was to allow her grand children to play with her “bat wings”.

Dips, triceps extensions, and a healthy diet help, but sometimes nothing works to adequately tighten your arms and make you feel comfortable in a tank top or short sleeve shirt.

There are three basic ways we can help.

If you have full arms, with good elastic skin, we can do liposuction. Upper arm liposuction can remove excess fat so your arms are sleeker. The incisions are minimal and recovery is easy, with wearing an elastic wrap around the upper arms for a few weeks.

If you have a lot of loose skin, the best answer is a brachioplasty (pronounced, brake-ee-oh-plast-ee). Brachioplasty is like a facelift, or tummy tuck, for your arms. Excess skin and fat are removed leaving a row of stitches behind the arm which are removed about two weeks later. This procedure is highly effective at shaping the upper arms, though there is a long thin scar along the back, or undersurface of the arm skin.

For people with some loose skin, but not enough to make a brachioplasty worthwhile, we have Bodytite. In this procedure two or three needle pokes are used to introduce a thin flexible probe under the arm skin. The probe puts in energy which melts fat and tightens the skin. The melted fat is suctioned out at the end and you’ll need to wear an elastic compressive garment afterwards. Over the next several months the skin tightens to its maximal ability and the arm becomes more shapely. This procedure can provide much of the benefit of a brachioplasty, without the resulting scarring.

Sagging upper arms are manageable. Shapely arms and the confidence of knowing you look good in a short sleeved shirt are attainable. The experts at The Spiegel Center can help guide you to the best solution.

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