Traditional hair-graft and follicle restoration technologies involved complex surgical procedures that were often not completely effective and left the patient with visible scars across the forehead and the back of the head. The recovery time for these procedures was also long and arduous.

New techniques for hair restoration, however, involve follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques and are far more effective and safe than traditional surgical procedures. SmartGraft is one such FUE technique that is perfect for combating hair loss. Instead of relying on hand-made incisions, SmartGraft relies on the most modern technologies instead of the scalpel.

Why Choose Smartgraft?

Some of the major advantages of selecting the SmartGraft procedure are indicated below.

• SmartGraft is invasive but on an extremely superficial level. One can almost call it pseudo-invasive. It has no discomfort, no scarring or cuts, no stitches and absolutely no post-operation scars.

• The recovery time for SmartGraft is shorter than what you’ll experience with the traditional technique. Patients can expect to resume their normal daily activities soon after the treatment is completed. Even during the single day’s recovery time, the limitations for activities are far lower than that involved with the traditional technique.

• The results are much better than traditional grafts and other surgical procedures. The hair that regrows after SmartGraft is permanent and looks more natural. It can give you the ability to style your hair and feel more confident in your looks.

• SmartGraft uses advanced technology that has multiple functions such as counting hair, sorting and removing, or preserving grafts. It has the capabilities to preserve grafts for long periods of time before actual use.

• The treatment is suitable for both men and women and incorporates the most vital and healthy follicles.

An Overview Of The Procedure

The procedure enables surgeons to extract micro-follicles from the back of your head and implant them on the balding areas. Since the follicles are taken from your own body, their chances of being accepted by the region are extremely high. The areas that are chosen are usually bald spots or areas with thinning growth. The natural look and growth is well maintained after the treatment as it is your own hair.

Most patients are suitable for the procedure – even those who wish to wear a short hairstyle. Developed by an extensive team of engineers, physicians, and medical scientists, the technology used in SmartGraft is incredibly precise and efficient. The major features that separate SmartGraft from other hair restoration solutions are its precision and hair coverage calculation capabilities.

It can count each individual follicle, securely separating it and preserving for grafts. The grafts are securely placed in a controlled environment inside canisters. The automation of the procedure reduces the operation time by one-third. The grafts are implanted quicker and with better results.

As it is with every procedure, it is advised that you visit a doctor for a general consultation and analysis of your body. Most cases utilize an extremely mild sedative to help with any minor discomforts that you might experience during the treatment process.

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