The smartphone industry has really snuck up on us and brought with it some health hazards. Aside from many engineers thinking that constant interaction with your smart phone could bring cancerous activity to your body we now we have to also worry about unwanted facial wrinkles making it onto our faces.

People used to only use their phone in the past to speak to someone when they needed to but now people are using their phone with much greater force than ever before. With all that extra phone usage staring at the small screen is causing excessive squinting for many which is resulting in undesirable wrinkles in and around the eyebrow. These smart phones are packing in many new features with every new update making things smaller and smaller for the eyes to focus on. These updates are causing unwanted facial wrinkles for not just the older but also the younger generations that really rely on their phones every single day.

In a recent article:

“I’ve noticed a huge difference over the past 18 months in my clients’ faces; it’s the constant peering intently down at that mini screen. It’s the same with an iPhone.”

This can be fixed with the help of a Botox injection but not everyone wants to resort to facial injections just yet. For many it is not something they think about at a young age. The next time you pick up your iPhone and stare at it for hours on end think about what it could be doing to create wrinkles in the youthful face of yours.