An interesting new study conducted on British undergraduates revealed a rather interesting fact regarding plastic surgery and how they feel overall about their bodies. Out of 320 women that where interviewed 16% admitted that they would be willing to actually shave off a duration of their life if they had their ideal body weight and shape. Some might find this statistic rather interesting because it shows just how important physical appearances are to some individuals. Whether it be a functional or aesthetic change people are willing to go the extra length to achieve that beauty.

“The survey found that 16 percent of young women queried said they’d trade a year of life for their ideal bodyweight and shape. Ten percent were willing to trade two to five years, and 2 percent were willing to trade up to 10 years of life away. One percent said they would give up 21 years or more.”

Let’s sum this up:

  • 16% would trade 1 year of their life
  • 10% would trade 2-5 years of their life
  • 1% would trade 21 years or more

It interesting to see just how much people are willing to give up for beauty and plastic surgery. It means a great deal to people’s self esteem to look and feel good and some are willing to give up precious life for it.