At the end of the day health insurance companies have the final say whether they will cover a cosmetic procedure or not. It is not up to the doctor or the office of where you are receiving your plastic surgery procedure whether the claim goes through or not.  Typically something that is cosmetic and does not affect your day to day living or health is not going to be covered by insurance.

If it is affecting your health or is reconstructive in nature from a possible accident typically your health insurance will cover it but it truly is a case by case scenario. From the insurance stand point it comes down to whether you can live without the cosmetic procedure and not have it affect your health. For example person wants a brow lift to look younger; chances are the insurance company will not cover this. If that person’s eyelids
wherestarting to negatively affect their vision than the insurance company will most likely cover that because it directly affects the patient’s vision along with their long term health.

Insurance companies see everything from a different light. There is typically not too much gray area for them when making these types of decisions. Things are mostly in black and white for health insurance providers. Your situation either affects your health and living or it doesn’t and that is usually how they base their decisions when deciding which cosmetic procedures are covered under insurance benefits.

If you are getting any type of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery think about the steps prior to booking so you understand all your options and costs involved. Often times a patient might think it is health related and insurance company will strongly think otherwise which could leave things in a weird place between patient and the cosmetic surgeon.

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