Recently the New York Times published an article that has given the world a rather large insight to the ever growing transsexual community and how it is something that is starting to become a normal occurrence in society. Like anything in life people tend to push away what they don’t understand but as time moves forward more segments of society become much more open to the idea of the transsexual community.

One of the first transsexual models, Lea T is one of the first high fashion models that have hit the main stream and graced us with advertisements and images in publishing fashion giants like the French Vogue.

“When you are a transsexual, you look for your future, and you can’t see it,” Ms. T. said. “I thought this would be a nice message for another tranny: ‘Look, we can be the same as other girls and boys.’ It’s small, but it makes you feel like you have a little chance. Maybe a transsexual will open a magazine and think: ‘That’s cool. We can be whatever we want.’ That’s why I did the Givenchy campaign.”

With surgeries like facial feminization and FFS surgery becoming much more popular choices for transsexuals looking to make that gender transition it is nice to see society really starting to accept transsexuals in a whole new light. Having an open mind is important and the New York Times running a story on this growing topic shows that the mass media is starting to really support a controversial area of discussion and surgical procedures.