For those who never thought age reversal could actually happen in our lifetime you might be wrong. Scientists are closer than they ever have been to creating the miracle elixir that can actually reverse the aging process and restore health back to a youthful look and feel.

According to Life Extension:

“Telomeres are small units of DNA at the ends of our chromosomes. They are often compared to the plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces. As long as these tips (telomeres) remain intact, they keep the chromosomes from fraying and the genes inside from unraveling.

As our cells divide normally, or in response to poor lifestyle choices, telomeres progressively shorten until cells become dysfunctional or die.2 When this happens, we grow older, become afflicted with the diseases of aging, and eventually die.

This same degenerative effect occurs in our stem cells with aging, which makes them progressively unable to create healthy new cells.3″

This science was first tested on mice which allowed aging to actually reverse. Is this the first step to creating the fountain of youth? Only time will tell but the scientific studies are getting close to providing us the ability for age reversal. A step that could allow all of us to by pass the aging process and remain youthful our entire life.