We have all heard of face lifts, dermal fillers and breast implants but the latest craze making it’s way into the halls of the plastic surgery industry is now butt lifts. Yes butt lifts are starting to become a very common surgical procedure that many women and some men are starting to inquire about. Brazil has always been a very plastic surgery infused culture and the butt lift spawned from this geographical location.

A plastic surgeon by the name of Constantino Mendieta who invented procedures like the Miami Thing Lift was recently featured at the Conference of British Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) in London.

The procedure actually requires no outside substances being placed in the buttocks section but rather grafts of fat being extracted through liposuction and then being injected back into the body along with being shaped into what the patient wants or requires. Prior to this technique silicone was used for a similar procedure but patients have been opting in to use their already placed fat reserves. The bodies natural tendencies for blood flow happen to increase in flow to the areas where the fat has been injected giving it a much more natural look.