With the summer season underway many people are planning their summer vacations so that they can sit and enjoy the sun as much as possible. This is the season where the sunscreen industry really makes their mark in revenues and for those of you who wish not to use any sunscreen you could pay the price in the future. The FDA recently dove into the sunscreen industry in order to shed some light on how things operate when protecting your self from harmful UV rays.

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking steps to help protect consumers from skin damage caused by
excessive sun exposure.
The new measures include the following:
• final regulations that establish standards for testing the effectiveness of sunscreen products and require labeling that accurately reflects test results
• a proposed regulation that would limit the maximum SPF value on sunscreen labeling to “SPF 50+”
• a data request for safety and effectiveness information for sunscreen products formulated in certain dosage forms (e.g., sprays)
• a draft guidance for sunscreen manufacturers on how to test and label their products in light of these new measures.”
The FDA wants to make sure that what the people are reading on the labels is actually true. When it comes to sun protection it is important that the claims the companies make are truthful. Too much sun can really do some damage on the face and body that can lead to pre-mature aging if not combated correctly.

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