When you think of Phoenix, what comes to mind? Is it desert landscapes, golf, and cacti? Perhaps it’s retirees puttering around in golf carts and sunscreen. For me, especially this time of year, I think of the great mythical bird, the Phoenix.

As you may know, the Phoenix is a great bird which lives a long life. As it withers and nears the end of its days it is able to either go back into an egg or be consumed by flames and is then reborn brand new, full of youth and power. The Phoenix is supposed to be able to handle great weights and its tears have healing powers.

We at the Spiegel Center help people to become Phoenixes. Our patients are strong and some are carrying great burdens. We help them to renew themselves.

Our techniques and unique skills help people to shed their tired, aged, or undesired exteriors and to be reborn as beautiful, powerful, healing (and healed!) individuals.

This is especially relevant this time of year. The spring always makes us consider rebirth and renewal. The trees and shrubs are in bloom, flowers are everywhere, and the days are brighter and longer.

The major spring holidays, Passover and Easter, both include eggs as important symbols. And, of course, I’m always grateful to our wonderful patients who bring me fresh chicken, duck, and even goose eggs from their farms this time of year!

There is a Boston to Phoenix connection. It’s always springtime at TSC.