Hugo Chavez is a real life man that one day decided he want to acquire plastic surgery that would allow him to look like Superman.

“The 35-year-old Filipino designer (who shares a name with Venezuela’s president, but, presumably, has different life goals) has spent the last 10 years of his life undergoing a series of cosmetic surgeries on his lips, chin and thighs — all intended to make him look more like Superman.

Chavez says he’s also taken injections to lighten his skin — although he has not, to our knowledge, revealed how he gets his hair to do that perfect little curl thing.

Up next for Chavez: an operation that will give his abs muscular definition.”

Wanting to look like an action figure or even a celebrity is a very common request at our plastic surgery center. It is important to understand that it is virtually impossible to look exactly like someone else but enhancing certain facial features can put a person in the right ball park.

We will have to wait and stay tuned to see what other plastic surgery procedures Hugo decides to acquire in the near future and how they will impact his goals to looking like Superman.