What a year it has been! Our faces have been covered for many months, and yet some people took great advantage of this “off time” and they will soon be able to uncover their new beautiful selves.

If used correctly, time away can be a gift used to learn new skills, like baking or crocheting, and explore nature near our homes. When life returns to normal, we may miss alone time and the opportunities it provided to do the things we never had time to do, like plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures.

There’s no better time than right now to have that facelift or rhinoplasty (nose job) you’ve always wanted. Now is your chance to get rid of saggy neck, puffy cheeks, or aging skin around your eyes. This may be the time to raise the eyebrows, and you can have your procedure, heal without away time, and return to public life looking your best true self.

“Downtime” from these procedures does not mean you are out of commission, but rather that you may look swollen and possibly bruised during the early phases of healing. But, if you are working from home, and can turn off your camera for video meetings, you can function while recuperating and healing, and no one will know. Talk about using your time wisely!

When looking back at 2021 will you be able to say you made some dreams come true? We hope you do, and we hope we do it with you!