A group of Harvard scientists might have uncovered one of the most remarkable scientific finds known to man, the ability to reverse aging. Tested on a group of mice the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was apparently experimenting with an anti-aging experiment that was only supposed to steady the process of aging and slow it down, what they got was much different. The aging process actually began to reverse sending the lab mice aging in the opposite direction by getting younger.

“The main factor that causes aging is the accumulation of damage to DNA, much of the damage occurring at the tips of chromosomes and telomeres. And what scientists did was to test the effects of telomerase (an enzyme able to restore the telomere function).

When scientists turned on the telomerase enzyme, old mice started getting younger. The worn-out organs started regenerating, their shirked brain size started increasing, their coat hair was restored, and they even regained fertility.”

This amazing find is still far away from being replicated on a human being due to a DNA difference between mice and humans however it does show that we are one very large and important step closer to potentially isolating an answer to how and why humans go through the aging process.