Was there a time when you thought getting a tattoo was the right decision because you believed that you were going to stay in love with it forever? Perhaps it was the name of your ex-lover or a design that you thought was appropriate at that time.

However, as you get older and more mature, you may have realized that you longer like that specific tattoo or you don’t want any of them on your body at all. For instance, you are no longer in love with the same person, or a rash decision in the past is making it difficult to get a job.

If you fall into one of these categories, you might be wondering if there is a good way to get rid of that old tattoo for good. If so, you’re in luck. Over the years, there have been many improvements in the treatments used to get rid of tattoos.

You don’t want to have to live the rest of your life, regretting the fact that you once got a tattoo that now makes you feel embarrassed to show off. And thankfully, you don’t have to. That’s because the Q-Switched YAG/KTP laser is the answer to all your problems, especially when it comes to removing embarrassing tattoos.

How Does the Q-Switched Laser Work?

The best method at present to remove all your tattoo worries is to go the Q-Switched YAG/KTP laser method, as it gets rid of the ink, without leaving any scars. Your friends and family members will be in awe that your skin looks great, despite undergoing treatment.

One of the main reasons why this technology continues to be the most effective is due to its interaction with your skin. When your doctor targets the area with the tattoo, the energy will only be absorbed into the ink, leaving the rest of the skin safe. Repeat treatment sessions are necessary to experience the full benefits of the treatment. Patients will eventually see the tattoo begin to fade, until it is no longer seen.

Is It Safe?

The Q-Switched YAG/KTP laser method aims to keep the hemoglobin and melanin of your skin tissues intact. As your doctor continues to target the tattoos by applying the right amount of energy for the specified time, different colors of the ink will disappear.

Depending on the hues on your tattoo, the medical practitioner will have to use different wavelengths. The most commonly used frequencies are 532 nm, 755mm, 694 mm, and 1064 mm, which the doctor can use via Q-Switched YAG/KTP lasers.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

The amount of treatment sessions required to fully eradicate the tattoo varies from person to person. It also depends on the size of the tattoo and the colors used. You will need to schedule a consultation with your doctor to determine how long your specific case will be. In most cases, patients have often found great results after undergoing five to eight sessions.

To ensure your skin has adequate amounts of time to heal completely, you should make sure there is at least a six week gap between every appointment.

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Q-Switched YAG/KTP laser is the best way to get rid of tattoos you regret! At The Spiegel Center, you’ll have doctors and laser operators who will help guide you throughout the entire process. If you’d like to learn more about the treatment, don’t hesitation to schedule a consultation today.

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