Plastic surgery for pets might not be something in the mainstream media but believe it or not it is something that is done here in the U.S and also in the U.K. Plastic surgery for pets has been occurring for many years. Typically it occurs not for aesthetic purposes but rather to help the animals breathing or possible even drooling.

According the to The Telegraph:

“According to the UK’s largest pet insurance provider, claims worth £1.5m were paid out in 2010 for nose surgery on cats and dogs, an increase of 25 per cent over the last three years.

Petplan also paid out over £1m for eye-lid lifts on young dogs and almost a quarter of a million pounds for dental work on household pets.

The company said that the rise in cosmetic surgery allows animals to live “healthier and more active lives”.

The trend for cosmetic surgery on pets started in the US, where all kinds of treatments have been devised for animals. Chin-lifts among dogs became popular in the 1990s in order to curb excessive drooling. In the mid-1980s ‘Neuticles’ were invented; testicular implants that were designed to give neutered pets a more masculine look.”