Stem cell chatter has been a controversial area of discussion for sometime now but recent studies are linking the amazing benefits of using stem cells for a variety of cosmetic plastic surgery purposes. Some researchers believe that synthetic implants could even be replaced by natural tissues over time as they believe the body accepts the implant with much greater ease.

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“Moreover, reconstructive surgery to replace tissues lost to cancer or other disease could also benefit from stem-cell generated natural implants, as they do not shrink nor lose their shape. Extensive studies have shown that conventional soft tissue implants can lose up to 60 percent of their volume in time. And while natural implants often entail separate surgical procedures to obtain tissue for constructing the implant from a healthy part of the patient’s body, the stem-cell approach to cosmetic surgery requires a far less invasive needle procedure.”

“The research group led by Mao started with a line of human stem cells taken from the marrow of a young, healthy volunteer. For this study, the stem cells were grown with substances that transformed them into fat-producing cells. They were placed in an FDA-approved scaffold that mimics the natural environment in which the fat cells grow in the body, then the cell-seeded scaffolds were implanted under the skin of eight laboratory mice. After four weeks the researchers removed and examined the implants, and found that the stem cells had differentiated into fat generating cells while the implant had retained both its original size and shape.”

There is a vast majority of people that would feel much more comfortable putting a natural tissue implant made up of their own DNA into their body than the current synthetic option. The reality is that the synthetic options out now are extremely safe and pose little to no threat even if an implant was to break. The cosmetic surgery industry has advanced in leaps and bounds and the majority of all procedures and techniques are 100% safe when conducted by a qualified professional. Is it appealing to want to have your own natural tissue used for cosmetic surgery reasons? Of course.

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