It is pretty obvious that the plastic surgery industry is heading into a direction where everything is out in the open. The days of hiding your Botox treatment simply don’t apply like they once did and this new reality TV show, Pretty Hurts just adds to the ever growing popularity of facial & body plastic surgery that our society has grown accustom to.

People have really become intrigued with the plastic surgery industry and apparently a new show has found its way into the lime light of our television sets.

“Fifty-year-old women want to look 25, men want to look like women, and we’ll even see moms take in their daughters for “birthday lips.” Of course, Rusher can’t do it all on his own. Viewers will also meet his eccentric coworkers and colleagues who make up the rest of the Pretty Hurts cast: business manager Curt, laser specialist Joy, office manager Elizabeth, and esthetician Maya.”