Nanotechnology has made its appearance on the big screen in many different sci-fi related movies but that amazing technology might soon become a very strong reality in the mainstream medical industry. Nanotechnology is starting to play a rather large role in reconstructive surgeries when human cell growth needs to be magnified in order for a patient to increase their body cell regrowth rate.

“According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), an estimated 322,000 deaths globally per year are linked to severe injuries from fire and in many of these cases death could have been avoided with surgical intervention.”

“It has been known for the last few years that man made synthetic polymeric materials have the potential to grow and multiply human cells. ‘About 10 years ago, scientists discovered the important influence that nano-structures had on the way a line of cells would develop. It was the beginning of an entire new scientific field, somewhere between medicine and nanotechnology,’ says Professor Johannes Heitz, Senior Research Associate at the University of Linz, Austria and main coordinator of the ModPolEUV project.

This is truly a pivotal moment in cell reproduction and science. Science and the human body have made significant strides in recent years and things seem to keep moving forward. Science has paved the way for many to make significant important finds to help the human civilization rebuild their bodies due to heavy force trauma and reconstructive surgery. Nano technology is no longer just for Hollywood but closing in Main street.