With cable television running wild showing plastic surgery as a norm in society more and more teens have found themselves wanting to go under the knife wanting certain procedures completed to keep up with others surrounding them every day. Everything from breast augmentation to rhinoplasty procedures are at the top of the list for many teens across the globe.

Is cosmetic surgery in teenagers a growing epidemic?

It really depends on whether the surgeries are justified or being abused. It is up to the cosmetic plastic surgeon to really determine whether a patient really needs the cosmetic surgery procedure they desire. Many young teens are attempting to acquire surgical procedures for the wrong reasons. Some are getting them because their favorite pop star all of a sudden has a different nose or a teen celebrity on T.V has larger breasts and they have to have them also. Whether it is a growing epidemic is another story. The ages of patients are getting younger but they are also going in the opposite direction and getting older.

Not all teens want to look like someone in the limelight. Some have medical conditions, hard time breathing or back pain due to oversized breasts who understand the wonderful benefits of some very simple cosmetic surgery procedures that could allow them to live a better life. Cosmetic surgery comes in many shapes and sizes and each person has different reasons for why they want to have these procedures performed on them. Many times a teen needs parental consent and heavy education before any procedure is even started. It is important for a surgeon to really fully understand the reasons why a young teen would want to have anything done to their body, especially since they have not fully matured yet.

We live in a society where people are very influenced and advertising shapes the path for many in society and it is important for all plastic surgeons to really understand their patients and find out what the true reason for wanting any cosmetic plastic surgery really is.

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