The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting scene has seen a gigantic explosion of professional fighters trying to make their mark on the big screen. With this explosive growth has come a significant increase in fighters requiring facial plastic surgery from the sheer nature of the fights. MMA is a bit different from regular boxing where kicking is allowed and much less padding on the gloves is allowed leaving the face susceptible to much more severe cuts and lacerations.

In a recent article on the Wired a Las Vegas plastic surgeon talks about the battle wounds many of these MMA fighters are trying to cover up with facial plastic surgery. With the bulk of the MMA industry thriving in Las Vegas, plastic surgeons in the area are starting to see a steady growth of MMA fighters attempting to cover up some of those nasty fight scars.

Scar repair has become a very important part to cleaning up a fighter’s image. Some might like the scars but many are looking for scar revisions to help cover up those battle wounds which can sometimes prolong their career. Plastic surgeons are turning towards a method of scar repair that really aids in reducing the physical appearance the scar. By removing the dead tissue in the scar and replacing it with tissue from a cadaver.  Overtime they noticed the fighter healed much nicer and bleed much less during fights. Years of inadequately sutured cuts have simply made things worse for some of the fighters during their fights. Cuts and lacerations are often times attended by inexperienced individuals rather than qualified plastic surgeons leading excessive scarring. One plastic surgeon is aiming at changing one fighter at a time.