If you heard about masks or know about mask and you go out in public, you may not know the difference between them or the different types.

3 Point Mask – Standard medical mask – It does a good job protecting other people from your breath, and you from other peoples breath to some extent. But it isn’t the correct type of mask you need if you are working with corona virus patients in a hospital setting

Fabric Mask/ Homemade mask – Some of these have pockets where you can add a filter. It does a good job at protecting yourself and others

Screen Masks – Those are good, they have a screen and a vapor shield to prevent from fogging. Those are good, but they are not the N95 type

N95/R95 Mask – They have 2 strong straps to go around your head and it needs to be fit tested. You need to make sure it fits extremely tightly so no virus particles can get around it so it protects you from your doctor and your doctor from you.

PAPR Systems – These are these big and fancy face shields that go over your head. They are really great for extended periods of time. So if we are doing a surgery that lasts 3-4 hours, that’s what we will be wearing in addition to goggle and face shields and all other kinds of PPE.

Here at the Spiegel Center we are excited to be reopened. This is the kinds of things we will be wearing when you come and visit us. For more information contact us!