Like most businesses, the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery tends to have its busy seasons and its slow times. People are most likely to get work done in the months of December through March, while most don’t want to interrupt their summers with any sort of procedure. But is plastic surgery truly seasonal? To answer this question, let’s first take a look at when the best time to get plastic surgery is and what the trends in the general population are.

Advantages of Winter Surgery

Winter is the most common time to get plastic surgery done for a number of different reasons. There are lots of long holiday weekends that allow for easy recovery time, the cold weather keeps people indoors and resting, and the need to wear concealing clothing can cover up scarring and bruising. The fact that a lot of people jump into the New Year with ambitious exercise routines also helps the body adapt more quickly to plastic surgery and gets people looking and feeling their best. Next to the winter, spring is the most popular time to get major work done because it happens to have a lot of the advantages that winter has. In this regard, plastic surgery is seasonal through choice by the market.

Are There Bad Seasons for Plastic Surgery?

If there is one bad time of the year to get major cosmetic surgery procedures done, summer is usually that time. The hot weather means that you won’t be able to conceal any marks left behind by the surgery without making yourself very uncomfortable. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the possibility of some cosmetic work entirely. Noninvasive procedures like a Botox injection or fillers can still work effectively and leave you completely pain free throughout your summer vacation. Similarly, while the fall provides weather that is more fitting for larger procedures, it also tends to get filled with school, sports, and many other responsibilities, making it less of an ideal time.

Other Concerns to Consider

While winter and spring do tend to be the best seasons for cosmetic surgery, you also have to consider some other factors. For example, winter tends to be a time when many people get exposed to flus and other illnesses. With that in mind, you need to make sure that you minimize your exposure to any such problems. Make sure you get the flu shot and don’t pursue plastic surgery unless you are in good health. That way, you can make sure that your chance of secondary infection is low and also help ensure that your immune system remains high and functional. Basically, in the winter, your health needs to be a consideration if you plan of getting some work done.

Overall, plastic surgery is seasonal in a way, in that cold weather tends to be a better time of year both for comfort and convenience. However, you also need to know your body well and make sure that you are in good health as you make any plastic surgery plans.

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