There are so many plastic surgery options available for those who are either not happy with the way they look or who require plastic surgery after experiencing some form of injury. However, in many cases, conventional forms of medical insurance do not cover the cost of any form of cosmetic surgery. In situations like this, patients are able to apply for an extended form of health financing known as CareCredit.

How CareCredit Works

While regular credit cards allow you to purchase almost anything, this particular card is strictly a form of medical financing that allows you to pay for your plastic surgery over a period of time ranging between six and 60 months, depending on the cost of the procedure that has been chosen. This form of health financing is not available through all doctors and medical practices, so patients should ensure that they choose a provider who will accept this as a form of payment prior to having the surgery.

Benefits of Using CareCredit

This form of medical financing is extremely beneficial to patients who cannot afford to outlay the full cost of a plastic surgery procedure upfront. Patients who require this form of financing will need to apply for it and credit will be granted according to their credit rating status. Should a patient wish to pay a portion of the cost of their surgery themselves and use this facility to cover the rest, they are permitted to do so. This form of medical credit is one of the most flexible forms of credit currently available.

Where CareCredit can be Used

Currently there are over 150,000 practitioners who accept this form of payment for services rendered throughout the US. This means that it is an extremely convenient form of payment for those who cannot afford to pay for the full cost of the treatment themselves. Whether a patient requires reconstructive surgery or whether it is a less invasive Botox treatment, this form of credit is available for virtually any type of cosmetic surgery treatment. There is no longer any need to wait if plastic surgery is required.

The Affordability of CareCredit

Unlike most other forms of credit that charge interest after a very short time, it is possible for patients to avoid paying interest on their plastic surgery purchase if they meet the agreed payment terms. However, if the amount is not repaid within the agreed time, patients will be charged interest along with other finance charges. Patients who pay in full on or before their payment due date will have these interest and finance charges waived, so it is best to always pay on time. An added advantage is that patients may also pay their loan off early without receiving any penalties for doing so.

When it comes to having plastic surgery, there is no longer any need to wait simply because you cannot pay for the procedure yourself. By using this form of health financing, you can have the very best medical care at your disposal whenever you need it.

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