Many people like to forget about the calorie counting and calorie monitoring for the holidays but some do not. The holiday’s can attach many unwanted pounds to the waist line along with ingesting harmful carcinogens if poor ingredients are used in the cooking process. Here are some creative anti-aging dishes that can be substituted according to the Huffington Post.

Pear Salad: Nothing states anti-aging like some healthy organic fruit to start of your meal. With the necessary enzymes required for impeccable digestion this pear salad could just fight off some of that round 2 of turkey and stuffing helpings.

Pureed Chestnuts Instead Of Mashed: Pureed chestnuts are a nice healthy alternative to eating extremely fatty mashed potatoes. The chestnuts are high in calcium which is great for bones and also high in potassium.

If you really take the time to look around you could find a variety of healthy alternatives if you are on a health kick during the holidays. Anti-aging and healthy ingredients are often right around us we just need to take the time to really understand the proper ways to cook and prepare them. Healthy ingredients like these can do wonders on a persons skin if a consistent diet is maintained.