When it comes to fat injections many people are opting to use their very own DNA to create injections in other parts of their body using their liposuction-ed fat cells. There is also a rather large dilemma whether using frozen fat or fresh cells is the answer, the verdict is still out.

According to a recent article on The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery they discuss just this.

“Once it is removed, the fat is drained and cleaned before being frozen at a temperature of minus 192 degrees Celsius. It’s stored in a fat storage facility dubbed “The Liquid Gold Center.” If it is needed to serve as a filler in a surgery, it is defrosted first and then injected.

But some surgeons are questioning whether previously frozen fat is as safe and effective as fresh fat.”

From where we are now both versions are perfectly safe to use. With the said nothing beats a fresh sample no matter how well it is frozen or preserved.

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