Myth: You need a CT or X-Ray before Forehead contouring.
Fact: If you have no history of prior forehead surgery or injury this is completely unnecessary. An experienced surgeon gains nothing from these pictures. And, 3-D imaging is equally useless. It may be fun to see the pictures, but is not worth the cost or the radiation exposure.

Myth: You can just have the bone on your forehead drilled down.
Fact: The vast majority of people (95% or more) need the front of the forehead bone to be set back and repositioned. Drilling or burring it down will only result in an unsafe overly thin forehead.

Myth: The center of the forehead is all that matters for your appearance.
Fact: The whole area gets shaped correctly with Dr. Spiegel. This includes opening the eyes, addressing any irregularities on the sides, and smoothing out the primary area of bossing.

Interesting stories:
Dr. Spiegel has done more forehead surgery than any other practicing surgeon. With all of those cases he’s seen some unexpected things! On two separate occasions he found a bullet in the head and the patient had no recollection of having been shot!

Interesting fact:
Did you know that the skull bones aren’t always white? Sometimes they are yellow or orange in areas and Dr. Spiegel has even several times seen black bone!