There is a new plastic surgery toy that has made it’s way into the limelight of the plastic surgery industry and it is a fat fight machine. According to the San Diego news this new fat fighting machine has recently received a thumbs up from the FDA and it works by shrinking or freezing body fat. By the looks if it creates a series of swirling lights that conduct the entire process. The machine is made by a company called Zerona and slowly they are making their way across surgical centers across the U.S.

Patients have claimed is is virtually painless and is completed in six treatments. It is still a very new procedure so time will tell how it will stand it’s gound in the community but patients who have tried it up to this point have seem to really enjoy the process. In conjunction with this new tool the FDA has also approved a system called Zeltiq which freezes the fat cells and allows the body to pass them naturally through it’s internal system. People like to be presented with as many options as possible when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery. Whether it is facial or body surgery options allow people to pick the right choice that works best for them.